Warners Midlands Environmental Policy Statement

Since our early days as a magazine and brochure printing business, we’ve taken our environmental responsibilities incredibly seriously and are proud of our achievements.


Our Environmental Policy Statement


Based in Bourne, South Lincolnshire, Warner’s Midlands Plc are an established heatset and litho printer with a national client base in excess of 800 customers.  The company’s one hundred and seventy-five strong workforce produces quality magazines and brochures for the retail, private and public sectors using the most up to date and modern technologies.


Working in conjunction with our suppliers and customers, we are committed to continually improving our environmental performance by controlling and managing our operational activities and products ensuring that risks to employees, the general public and the environment as a whole are identified and actions taken to minimise or eliminate their effects.


The objectives of our policy are:-


  • To comply with legal and other compliance obligations pertaining to the business.
  • To promote environmental awareness throughout the organisation.
  • To maintain a safe and healthy working environment for employees with adequate facilities appropriate to the business activities of the Company.
  • To minimise the social impacts of company activity and seek to avoid damage to the environment through regular reviews of the business from environmental and management system audits.
  • To undertake environmental impact studies as part of any major development to the site or the introduction of capital equipment.
  • Through the setting and completion of environmental targets and objectives Warner’s are committed to continual improvement of the Environmental Management System to enhance environmental performance. We will seek to protect the environment through:-
    • Prevention of Pollution
    • Reduction of Raw Material Use
    • Reduction in Energy Use
    • Landfill Avoidance
    • Control of Air Emissions
    • Recovery, Recycling and Reuse of waste materials wherever practicable


(Reviewed 15/9/20)