14 reasons why we think print is great.

We thought we would give you a few of the reasons why we love print!Magazine Printing

  1. Print is fully and easily recyclable.
  2. Can be reused at home.
  3. The paper we use is from well managed forests in Europe that grow every year.
  4. Very easy to share.
  5. An excellent stimulus to draw customers to your website.
  6. Disposable.
  7. Printed information cannot be “hacked” from the publication.
  8. Can be kept for collecting.
  9. Tangible.
  10. Can add textures to it.
  11. Can have media embedded in it such as video and sound.
  12. Can add scents and aromas.
  13. Very easy to interact with.
  14. Can read it anywhere as it doesn’t need a battery or WiFi.

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