3 points to consider when changing print supplier

change print supplier2Change can be an intimidating prospect. Fear of the unknown can keep you trapped in a situation that you aren’t happy with but will put up with because the alternative is just too scary to think about. Think back to your first day at school or first day in a new job – definitely a nerve shredder for most people, but a necessary step nonetheless

Changing your print supplier is no different. The thought of the hassle of researching potential suppliers, making contact and building new relationships, getting quotes for your jobs, factory visits, maybe having to learn how to use new computer systems for file uploads and telling your existing supplier that you are leaving can all seem a bit too much to take on. However, if you are suffering from a sub-standard service that isn’t showing any sign of improvement, it could be necessary to take a deep breath and make a change

If you have reached that point, you want to make sure you make the right decision. Consider these 3 points when changing your print supplier:

1.    Financial stability

The industry has seen many printers close their doors for good over the last few years and many that remain are struggling to turn a profit. Falling profits will inevitably lead to cut backs that could adversely affect the quality of the services they are providing you and ultimately the working relationship you have with your printer will deteriorate

2.    Are they still investing?

Failure to invest could result in the production of an inferior, more expensive product when compared to magazine, catalogue or brochure printing that has been produced using modern equipment. Faster, more efficient machinery also enables a printer to pass cost savings on to the customer. Continual investment makes a strong statement about where a company sees itself in the future

3.    How does their Account Management work?

You need to ensure that there is somebody responsible for making sure your account is looked after. A single point of contact should ensure smooth communication and reduce the chance of errors occurring. If something does go wrong, then knowing that you have someone you can speak to who you are familiar with and understands your account is really important. Do they have technical support for help with areas such as file uploads and computer setup? If they do offer this service is it over the phone or are they willing to come to your site to offer face to face training? And last but not least – do they expect you to pay for it?

If you are currently considering a change, please feel free to speak to us here at Warners. If we can help in any way with your magazinecatalogue or brochure printing requirements then please visit our website, email sales@warners.co.uk or call 01778 391000 and we would be very happy to help

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