3 Tips to maximise the ROI of your Brochure, Catalogue or mailer.

3 Tips to maximise the ROIIt has never been more important or easy to have an integrated, multichannel approach to marketing your company. Even with the reach of social media print still has a powerful role to play in the marketing mix. A brochure or catalogue legitimises the sales proposition as well as creating a tangible, memorable experience that can be kept and referred to many times. The release of a brochure or catalogue will often be responsible for a significant boost in sales.

Unfortunately print like so many things does cost money and sending out hard copy brochures will incur mailing expenses. So it is crucial to maximise your potential Return on Investment. That is why we have prepared 3 production tips to get the best value from your print.

1.       Motivate your reader to engage with your mailer.
Its common knowledge that you want your cover to stand out and be eye catching to draw readers in. In most cases the design of a brochure is of a very high quality so how do you make yours truly stand out from others? You can supplement your unique design with special finishes such as embossing, laminating, imbedding media, augmented reality or perhaps having a cover mounted gift. These special finishes may well give your mailer that “Wow” factor and increase engagement and retention whilst letting you stand out from the crowd.

2.       Page Size
Modern print machinery is constantly becoming faster and more efficient allowing all manner of different size pages to be offered to customers. Ask your print supplier to advise on different sizes that may have a huge impact on reducing your mailing costs or by being more efficient to print. Remember though that unconventional sizes can be disproportionately more expensive to produce.

3.       Paper choice
The choice of paper is the most important material consideration for your job. It can affect the colour, weight, texture and overall finish of the mailer. For example some lower weight papers are high in bulk which can let you take advantage of mailing savings. You may want a particular finish by selecting your choice of paper coating. By all means talk to your print supplier and ask for advice and samples to truly find the paper that suits your needs.

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