3 Ways to Cut Your Catalogue Printing Costs

3 Ways to Cut Your Catalogue Printing Costs

Catalogue Printing CostsIn order to help you with your catalogue printing costs we have compiled a list of three production tips to possibly help you save money.

1. Pagination

In print the magic number is 16. 16 is the total number of A4 pages we can fit on a sheet. If you are looking to save money on your print costs then ensure that the total number of text pages of your product is divisible by 16. In this way you can actually print more pages and save money on your job. The reason for this is that you save money on 2 to 3 make readies and runs for a printed product by only having to print 1. At Warners we also have 32 page presses meaning that you could save even more!

For example: In some cases a 28 page A4 product would be more expensive than a 32 page product as the 24 pages would require 3 sets of plates, 3 make readies, 3 runs and therefore produce 3 lots of wastes. The 32 pages would only have 1 of each or at most 2 if produced on a 16 page press.

2. Choosing the right printing method

In order to ensure that your printed product is produced most effectively it is essential that you select the right printing method. Below is a quick and basic summation of the key points about each method.

Web Printing
  • Perfect for larger quantities of magazines, catalogues or brochures over 5000 copies.
  • Can use low gsm papers
  • Well suited for printing text sections
  • Very fast
  • As the quantity increases the cost per unit decreases
Sheet-fed Printing
  • Can print on papers up to 400gsm
  • Perfect for Covers
  • Faster than digital
  • Can add fifth colours or varnishes to the product on a single run.
  • Well suited for leaflets and posters
Digital Printing
  • Well suited to very small runs
  • Allows you to personalise individual copies
  • Very quick make readies
  • Less waste
  • Excellent for business cards and invitations
3. Paper weight

The paper you choose is also a very good way of potentially saving money. Should you print on a lighter stock of paper the overall product will not weigh as much. This potentially can save money on mailing costs which are often the most expensive component of a printed campaign.

We hope this can help you manage your catalogue printing costs, if however you would like to speak with us please email our help desk at

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