6 simple steps for the best possible production schedule for your magazine or catalogue

production scheduleWhen it comes to deadline day it is always hectic even more so when it’s a busy time of the year. The print industry is no different. In order to minimise the chance of your job going late here are the six steps that should appear on your scheduling checklist.

1. Send a test file to check that your PDF files are compatible

2. Check with your print company exactly what date and time (if necessary) that they are expecting you to send the files. Check what the implications are to the dates if you are late supplying the files, or will the schedule be affected if you need to make some late changes?

3. Check to see if any special materials or specific paper sizes are required, and make sure the lead time you are giving is long enough.

4. If you need to make late changes to the quantity, up or down, what will this do to the agreed schedule?

5. If time is crucial on the delivery date make sure that this is made clear, overnight delivery services may sometimes be cheaper but not always best when you need something at a specific time.

6. It’s always safer build in some slippage time to allow for machine breakdowns or unforeseen problems (even printing presses break down from time to time)

Of course there are just some things that simply cannot be planned for that can ‘blindside’ you without warning, but by following these easy steps and building a relationship with your print partner you can give your job the best possible chance of arriving on time.