A wealth of informative and interesting print videos is just a click away!

warners logoWith the success of International Print Day we thought we would finish the week with a bit of a high note. It is very exciting to be in such a fast moving and dynamic Industry but it is often daunting to anyone on the outside looking in. That is why we have prepared these informative and interesting videos not only about the world of print production but also a little bit about Warners and why we’ve been around since 1926.

So without further ado. Here are the links to our videos:

What its like to work with Warners – http://printservic.es/1SJmDRQ

Offset Litho Explained – http://printservic.es/1CSPhJq

Laminate and Varnish Cover Finishes – http://printservic.es/1OylSgU

Magazine, Catalogue and Brochure Special Cover Finishes – http://printservic.es/1Mtna71

Upload and Proof print ready PDF’s – http://printservic.es/1NfFt2u

Effects of Rubbing – http://printservic.es/1VVM9VD

Cutstar Variable cut off – http://printservic.es/1Oym7J1

The Differences between web and sheet-fed Printing – http://printservic.es/1VVMCar

Perfect binding Vs. PUR – http://printservic.es/1tZb0jD

We hope you found them useful! Feel free to get in touch and tell us what you think.

Stay tuned as we are always looking to add to our video library!