Adding extra pages to your magazine, catalogue or brochure printing requirements may surprise you

extra pagesIf you bought a new car and added leather seats then you would expect to pay more for it. So how can you add extra pages to your publication and get a cheaper price?
There are two main areas to look at when getting quotes for your catalogue, magazine or brochure


If your publication is saddle stitched with a separate 4 page cover then it is possible to increase the pagination by changing the 4 page cover for an 8 or 16 page on a heavier paper stock. Removing the 4 page section can save costs because the print methods used to produce an 8 or 16 page section can be more cost effective. It is worth asking your print supplier about your options as you could potentially get more pages in your publication on heavier paper and at a cheaper price!

Number of pages

Most printers set up to be as cost effective as possible within their specific market. This would include having section sizes that best suit their business and their customers’ needs. For example, your publication might be 28 pages which in most cases would mean printing this as 1 x 16 page section,  1 x 8 page section and 1 x 4 page section. This would involve multiple make readies across multiple presses, which is likely to push the cost up. However, by increasing the number of pages to 32, a printer with a 32 page press could produce this all on one machine, in one pass with one make ready, which could decrease the cost greatly.

So the extra 4 pages could save you money!

Here at Warners we are able to produce 4, 8, 16 and 32 page A4 sections, and as such we can offer total flexibility of pagination. By matching the best method, web or sheet-fed to the optimum pagination, we can offer the very best price on most print projects.

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