Amazing News!

Amazing News!

We are over the moon to share some footage of the first of our paper and ink print trails on our new press! This is an absolutely massive moment for us as a company as we are finally producing printed matter on the new Lithoman Press. Though we are not yet putting customer work on the press we are getting very close indeed. We want to make sure that everything has settled in and is calibrated correctly so the quality of the print we produce is in line with our ISO certification standards. Customer work will likely be produced on the press as early as March and naturally we are very excited to nearly be up and running full time as we will retire one of our older less efficient presses. 

The crews of operators are in the final stages of their training with the experts who installed the press and are testing new configurations that we are very excited about. The time is close at hand for them to take the reins and start to produce the highest quality work

We are fully committed to the future and the Lithoman 3 represents an incredibly exciting new chapter as we hit 2020. At a time where other printers have not been able to invest in new equipment we know that the true value of this press to our customers will be felt almost immediately and for many years to come.

First Look At Ink On Paper!



We have also had a great deal of interest from customers who are planning on visiting us to see the new press in person. If you are interested please contact your Key Account Manager or go to our Contact Us page.