Are offset papers the right choice for your magazine or brochure?

offset papersOnce used widely for the printing of books, carrier sheets and stationary etc. offset papers have, in recent times, become more and more popular for magazines, brochures and catalogues.

·        They are generally wood-free (i.e. the wood pulp has been bleached to remove the yellow lignin) so are very white

·        They are generally uncoated so provide a non-reflective surface that is easy to read.

·        They tend to be bulky for their weight.

·        They can be used in both web and sheet-fed printing.

Although not necessarily a cheaper option, the use of these papers provides a natural or “earthy” feel to a publication, thus making them attractive to a wide range of applications.

The printed image on these papers also tends to be softer and less harsh, and again can come across as more natural ,enticing and honest.

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