Are You Ready To Make The Switch?

There has never been a better time to make the switch from sheetfed to web printing!


Both web and sheetfed are excellent ways to produce print and each is suited to different requirements. We produce both web and sheetfed work in house too and use the best method for each job. However, we have noticed that there is a massive increase in interest from customers switching to web when they can do so. 

Web printing has such an attractive appeal due to its ability to produce fantastic quality print on lighter papers which reduces customer print costs massively! The print efficiencies and the colour quality that are achievable on even lighter weight papers are brilliant.

With the increases in raw materials on the horizon, the switch to web printing could significantly save publishers and marketers money.

Does it make a difference?

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Amazing Web Printing

How can making the switch to lighter papers and web printing save you money?

  1. Reduce your product weight and save on postage
  2. Save on paper costs because of a reduced tonnage ordered
  3. Produce print runs of over 5000 copies more efficiently
  4. Remove the costs of extra requirements such as cutting and folding sections before binding (This also greatly reduces the turnaround time of the job too!) 
  5. Printing web lets you produce A4 as 32pp sections instead of 16pp sections, cutting out half of your make-ready costs!

What to do?

We find the best results are when you combine the two methods of printing. A sheetfed cover on heavier paper with web printed text is a favourite in the industry for a reason!


Some other helpful tips for easy print savings are:










  • Avoid 8's and 4's 
  • Stick to A4 or A5
  • Try using Mailmark to reduce your postage further


If you are not sure what the difference is between the two methods, we have this video with our very own Andy York to help you! Click on the image below or visit:

You can see the fantastic colour quality and lift on lighter papers for yourself in our new Tiger Brochure. Click on the picture to request your free copy today! 

Ultimately every piece of print is bespoke and unique to those who design and produce it. Depending on goal, budget and audience, there are many avenues available. Always ask your printer for advice if you need help. Our team at Warners is always on hand to offer free impartial advice gained from over 100 years of collective experience. Whatever our customers require, we can produce it at our Bourne plant to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

Take care, and let us know if we can help!


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