Ask your Printer

warners logoAny industrial process can see a bit daunting at first and print is no exception. We thought it would be a good idea to open up the floor for you to ask any questions you might have. These can be sent to us via email or social media. At the end of every week we will post answers to these questions or perhaps prepare an article. Feel free to ask us about any printing questions you might have they can be about anything. Here are a few examples:

·         Paper – how long is a reel? Where does it come from? Etc
·         Plates- what are they made of and why do we need them?
·         The process – Have you ever wanted to know how it actually works?
·         Definition of terms – find out what we mean in our printing vocabulary.
·         Why do we do things the way we do?
·         General musings about print

You can do this both publically and privately and we will be happy to help. Who knows, it may even inspire a new Warners  video!

If you have any questions please post on social media, email your key account manager or email