Be a little different


Be a little different with print and pick the results that are right for you!


It is well known that the most efficient print runs tend to be in 16 and 32-page sections. However, there are several great reasons to think outside the box to try 8pp and 4pp sections too! We have seen a massive increase in these paginations in recent weeks, and the reason is clear:


Advertising, advertising, advertising!


Magazine publishers can sell more advertising whilst not having to increase their print bill much. In addition, publishers can offer entire standalone supplements to showcase customers products or promote an event. Newsletters and updates can be produced to provide quick, accessible information without paying for extra pages.


All of these extras can be bound into magazines or mailed out with them too.


For catalogues, you cannot only include more of your products and services but there is always the option for an order form or promotion tracker to be bound in as well! 


Producing a door drop mailer is a fantastic way to broaden your audience and provide a tangible, recyclable, sustainable and lasting engagement with new customers. These door drops do not have to be large catalogues to be effective, as an 8 or 4-page booklet are often perfect!


How can we help you?


To help your advertising, we have a unique blend of presses perfectly suited to producing all options for you in house. Thanks to our unique web press, we can offer 8pp sections unlike anyone else in the industry whilst still offering exceptional 32pp and 16pp print economies.  


However, you want to have your printed product, we will work with you to provide the best results that are right for you. Drop one of our team a message today on 01778 391000 or email or fill out our contact form!