What benefits are there to a tour of your suppliers?

Is there a point to tours?

TourFor many of us a tour of our suppliers would seem like a waste of time for a small pay off. However there are several major benefits to visiting a suppliers site that are well worth a day away from the desk.

Training for staff

It is easy to become comfortable with our own work environment but it is also easy to forget how different sectors operate. A tour of a supplier can provide a wonderful opportunity for staff members to ask any questions they might have. To see the process in operation can provide a great deal of information. The tour can well lead to the generation of new ideas or suggestions to better improve work flow.

Improving relations

A visit to a supplier or indeed a customer and having face to face meetingsĀ is an excellent way to maintain healthy communication between businesses.

Understanding your partner

If you are looking to move supplier or are unsure about your current one a visit to their site is an excellent idea. When at the site it is possible to “get a feel” for the business and see the set up for oneself .

Cost effective production

A tour can also provide an excellent chance to view your product in a different way. Seeing the product made could lead to possible cost saving changes. Perhaps the method of production could be better suited to a change in specification. This first hand experience could prove invaluable if looking to re-brand or relaunch a product.

Brilliant source of information

By visiting your supplier you gain access to a huge amount of knowledge and expertise. This is a wonderful chance to see new technologies or hear about industry changing innovations from a trusted source.


Here at Warners we have taken dozens of tours in the past 6 months alone. If you would like to visit us for any of the reasons above please don’t hesitate to contact your key account manager or email to ask Michael Warner to arrange a tour.