What can you expect in the next few weeks from us?

PrintWhat have we been up to?

You may have noticed that in the last few weeks we have not been blogging as much as usual. Well, we are ready to break our silence.  We thought we would give you a sneaky insight as to what we have been working on in the last few weeks. Plus some even better news! All of the below will be coming to you very soon.

  • We will be celebrating a big milestone in style.
  • Two of our most exciting top secret projects will finally be revealed. You definitely don’t want to miss these!
  • We will be exploring the place of print in a digital world.
  • We will be posting a new blog series to help you unlock the exciting potential of print.
  • We will be unveiling a gallery of special finishes that we really think have that” Wow” factor.

Stay tuned…