Catalogue Printing News – Blas ar fwyd

Blas-ar-fwydHi Kate,

I just wanted to reach out to say that we have the finished catalogues in hand now, and they look excellent. Paul called the other day and I expressed how pleased we are to him, but I just wanted to write and thank you personally for the fantastic service you gave us throughout the process.

I know it took a long time from first contact to the final job, but you were fantastic throughout, and your stellar service was one of the primary reasons I chose Warner’s in the beginning.

I felt it was important to let you and your superiors know how pleased I was with your service.

As I mentioned to Paul over the phone, we’re just entering the planning of another document, and look forward to using Warner’s again for the printing of that.

So I will be in touch for quotes and such soon.

Anthony Cerrato | Blas ar fwyd