Digital Print vs Offset Litho which is right for you?

Digital Print vs Offset LithoDigital and Offset litho are two distinctly different ways to produce your product. Both excel at different ends of the specturm and it will save you time, effort and money by picking the best option for you. So here is a short list of the strengths of each production method for you to make your decision.

Digital Advantages

  • Shorter lead times
  • less waste
  • Cheaper for small runs (less than 1000)
  • Every Copy can be unique allowing for personalisation in one pass

Offset Litho Advantages

  • Higher quality images
  • The unit cost decreases as the quantity increases
  • High quality and cost effectiveness is possible for high quantity ┬ájobs
  • Wastage and colour consistency are constantly improving thanks to closed loop colour
  • A wider range of materials can be printed on
  • Allows both web and sheetfed printing.

With these key strengths in mind you can tailor your print production method to meet your requirements.