Does Making Paper Destroy Forests?

Does Making Paper Destroy ForestsOne of the main concerns about paper production is that it contributes to deforestation. In fact 90% of deforestation is caused by unsustainable agricultural practices.  This tends to be conversion of tropical forest into cropland and pasture mainly for sustenance. Here are some key facts about forests and paper in Europe:

·         82.7% of the pulp we use originates from Europe.
·         All imported pulp is covered by the EU Timber Regulation which prohibits the import of wood products from illegally sourced timber.
·         Almost all ancient forests in northern Europe are protected.
·         The paper comes from well managed semi natural forests where everything is                        carefully controlled.
·         Forests cover over half of Europe’s land and are increasing.
·         Over the last 20 years the forest area has expanded in all European regions.
·         55% of the world’s wood is used for energy
·         25% of the world’s wood is used for construction
·         Paper only takes up 11% and can utilise 7% from construction waste.
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We would like to thank Two Sides and Green Print for their wealth of information on this topic.