How endorse folding can save you money.

What is Endorse Folding?

Endorse folding postFollowing on from last weeks blog about mailing we thought we would talk a little bit about endorse folding.

Simply put an endorse fold is when your publication once printed is folded in half. This can actually save money on ones mailing costs. Though it will make no difference in the weight tariffs the letter size will change. As royal mail categories printed products by their size as well as their weight this simple process can affect the cost of your mailing.

Endorse folding however cannot work for every publication. It tends to work best for smaller pagination self cover jobs rather than large catalogues. It would work very well for the Micro Catalogues we spoke bout some weeks ago. That post can be found Here.

If you would like to know more or to speak to one of our mailing team please email us via our Helpdesk.