Environmental Responsibility At Warners Midlands

Environmental Responsibility At Warners Midlands

As a company we have always taken our environmental responsibilities very seriously. Whilst normally we don't like to shout too loudly about ourselves and our achievements, we thought some of the facts and figures are really worth sharing!

As a company we are incredibly proud of our ISO 14001 certification which we have held since 2006 but we do so much more. Did you know that Warners Midlands:

  • Reuses or recycles 99.98% of our waste
  • 100% of our electricity is from renewable sources
  • Have reduced energy consumption by 35% in some areas of the factory
  • Have our own 150.00kWh solar panel array. Last year the panels generated enough power a family home for 35.75 years! Our Solar Panels
  • Use FSC papers as standard wherever possible
  • Offer biodegradable starch or recyclable plastic film for our mailings
  • Invest in the newest machinery to minimise waste and energy consumption
  • Have regular environmental meetings
  • Is a member of Two Sides
  • Are continuously improving all of our practices and equipment

We are incredibly proud of our efforts and enjoy continuously looking to improve upon our achievements. If you would like to come and take a look around for yourself please don’t hesitate to email our helpdesk HERE.