Ever wanted to know more about the paper we use in printing?

paper printingTo compliment the paper video we posted earlier this week which you can see here ( We thought we would give you a little more information about the paper we use.

  • 82.7% of the pulp we use originates from Europe.
  • All imported pulp is covered by the EU Timber Regulation which prohibits the import of wood products from illegally sourced timber.
  • Almost all ancient forests in northern Europe are protected.
  • The paper comes from well managed semi natural forests where everything is carefully controlled.
  • Forests cover over half of Europe’s land and are increasing.
  • Over the last 20 years the forest area has expanded in all European regions.
  • 55% of the world’s wood is used for energy
  • 25% of the world’s wood is used for construction
  • Paper only takes up 11% and can utilise 7% from construction waste.
  • Fact, 90% of deforestation is caused by unsustainable agricultural practices.

We would like to thank Two Sides and Green Print for their wealth of information on this topic.