First Look At New Press And Factory Update

First Look At New Press And Factory Update! 

Our new press hall is looking very much like a real factory now. We are looking forward to the end of the year when we take delivery of our new printing press! The work has been progressing very well and is on track to be finished in a few short months. The year has really flown by and its been amazing to see how everything is coming together.

New Press

We have also seen the first sneak peeks of our new press being built in Germany and we are getting very excited about getting it delivered this year! As a treat to all of our regular readers we wanted to share this picture with you!


The specifics of the new press will be announced later this year but for the time being the more eagle eyed of our readers will be able to draw a few conclusions as to what the press might be. Needless to say we are looking forward to taking delivery of this superb addition to our plant that will be up and running in 2020. The new press will certainly increase our already impressive service offering and machine efficiencies. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming updates and more pictures!

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