Follow Tom Cruise’s latest film role to help enhance your magazine or brochure

tape measureThe national news recently disclosed a short story about Tom Cruise’s new acting role, in which he is to portray pilot-turned-CIA agent Barry Seal in the upcoming thriller Mena. Nothing unusual there, except that Cruise is expected to pile on the pounds to bulk up his frame to effectively play his character, who is known as “fat man”

We’re often asked what we can do to enhance the bulky feel of magazines or brochures, and therefore increase perceived value at little or no extra cost.

Paper is purchased by weight, so generally speaking the heavier and thicker the paper required the more costly it becomes.

An alternative of doing this is to use one if the new range of high bulk papers.

Whilst the gsm (weight) of these papers is the same as a conventional paper they feel much thicker.

It’s therefore possible to print a magazine or brochure on the same weight paper, but achieve a much bulkier product. Alternatively you can save money by dropping the paper weight but not losing any of the thickness or bulk.

Many paper mills are producing these types of papers that are readily available on the market, your print provider should be able to offer advice on these.

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