Get yourself to the front of the print queue

Get yourself to the front of the print queueIn general over the past few years there has been a distinct over-capacity in the printing industry.

This has resulted in prices being squeezed.

Print companies have been able to offer very flexible schedules to accommodate late files, and also the ability to take on work at little or no notice.

Last year though, from August through to January, the lack of capacity caught many people by surprise, and since then there have been some high level closures of print factories, thus reducing capacity even further this year.

In addition to this, with the closure of paper merchants and mills, paper itself may not be as readily available as it was, depending on requirements.

·         Although booking late in the past may have resulted in getting the best price, it can work the opposite way when it is very busy.
·         Your print company may have no option but to work overtime to produce your job and therefore it may cost you significantly more.
·          They may also have to use uneconomical paper due to not having sufficient time to order the correct paper size.

It’s therefore safest and less stressful to get your job booked in early.

This enables your print company to prioritise your job over any that might turn up later, expected or not and also enables them to secure paper early too.

If your file date looks like moving, give your print company early notice of this and agree a revised schedule.

Feel free to contact us if we can help with any questions relating to scheduling or any other print matters, we’re always happy to help.

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