How Going A5 Could Save You Money

How Going A5 Could Save You Money

By switching from A4 to A5 for your mailers and catalogues you could make significant savings on your print. A5 work is becoming very popular at the moment because of the savings that could be made. Unlike other page sizes such as A6, A5 is still a standard production size can be printed both web or sheetfed easily.

The three main ways that A5 could save you money vs A4 are:

  1. Save on paper – If the printed product is half the size you would use about half as much paper
  2. Less production time – It will take up less time on the printing presses
  3. It is lighter – because it is smaller the weight would be reduced leading to possible savings on mailing costs

Our post next week will be about the benefits of producing what we call a micro catalogue which greatly suits what has been mentioned here.

However, it is all about personal preference. Many customers still prefer larger catalogues to showcase their products and there is no right or wrong answer. If you would like to discuss your printing requirements or would like to know more please do not hesitate to contact .