Heard of “Cutstar” but don’t know what it means?

pressCutstar is actually the machinery name rather than the process it is associated with. There are other machines that do the same, or similar, Mabeg being one of them

So what does it do?

  • It is a machine that enables web reels to be sliced into sheets in front of the feeder of a sheet fed press
  • It provides the cost benefits of purchasing paper in reels rather than pre-cut sheets
  • Unlike a web press, the paper is cut into sheets before it enters the machine.
  • Will work on stocks between 60gsm and 200gsm.
  • The running speed of the machine is not compromised.

The following video containts more information about the process and how it could be utilised to benefit your publication. We have a range of informative videos available on our YouTube channel which you can subscribe to by clicking here