How does a perfecting press work and how can it save you money?

perfecting pressThe term itself is often misunderstood.  It has nothing to do with the quality of what comes off the machine. A printing press that can “perfect” means it can print both sides of the sheet in one pass through the press.

The alternative is to print one side of the sheet, change all the plates and then pass the sheet back through the machine again to print the reverse side. Doing it this way roughly doubles the time it takes to print the sheet compared with a perfecting press.

For example, here at Warners we have two 10 unit sheet-fed machines. The sheet passes through the first 4 units to print 4 colours on one side of the sheet. The sheet is then turned within the press and passes through the next 4 units to print the reverse side, and the sheet comes out fully printed on both sides in just one pass through the press.

The two extra units can be used for pantone colours, or seals which may be required for silk or matt paper.

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