How Print Stood Out In A Digital Environment

How Print Stood Out In A Digital Environment

How Print Stood Out In A Digital Environment

Last month when exhibiting at the B2B marketing expo we were overwhelmed by the response we had at our stand. As a more traditional medium we really stood out from the other stands around us which tended to offer very similar online services to each other. From the conversations we had with marketing professionals from a myriad of different sectors, backgrounds and ages we discovered that there was a very positive feeling towards print in marketing. Our fragrance competition proved incredibly popular and many visitors saw the potential creativity that print could bring to their marketing mix.

Perhaps most interestingly almost every exhibitor we saw, including the digital agencies, had printed matter on their stands. What became apparent was that many of the marketers we spoke to were looking more at multi-channel approaches and were returning to other more traditional channels to support their online activities. Rather than relying on one channel or simply working under the assumption that numbers are everything an integrated campaign was seen to be more effective.

This was summed up in a common question that we were asked. Visitors to the stand didn’t ask what our maximum order size was but rather what the minimum was and were often surprised at how low the figure is. It would appear that smaller run campaigns that have been carefully prepared and targeted across multiple platforms are more attractive than bulk producing a message and hoping some of it sticks.

Previously two of the biggest weakness of print when compared to digital was cost and the inability to measure analytics as easily. However tools ranging from a simple promo code or QR scanner to augmented reality are becoming more commonly used and understood to aid marketers with how they track print campaigns. As for cost we know that this will always be seen as a negative factor for print. That said customers no longer have to print hundreds of thousands of catalogues or products to get results if they do not want to. The phase that was used repeatedly by many visitors was “Return On Investment”. As long as each channel is used effectively and in a complimentary manner to each other in the campaign an acceptable cost is not a big issue.

We have written several posts about the strengths of print as a medium such as its tangibility which doesn’t need to be rehashed here. Instead the two links below are to recent videos we have produced which nicely sum these points up.

There are still some misconceptions about print whether one is looking at its environmental credentials or indeed its efficacy as a medium. It is easy to misunderstand any industry or product when not involved directly with it. We are more than happy to help with any questions that you might have so please do not hesitate to email our helpdesk here.

I think that the next few years will be very interesting for print marketing!