How to reduce the risk of being a victim of E-mail fraud

E-mail fraudUnfortunately with the increase in the use of technology comes increased risk. We all think that we’re world-wise enough to spot scams when they pop up, but as we become better at spotting them, so the scammers become more sophisticated with their approach. Recently there has been an increase in fraudulent activity in commercial fields, and the print industry is no more protected than any other.

In recent cases people from all walks of life have found their personal emails hacked, have received bogus emails about “a dear friend stranded overseas and needing money to get home” or that a company has changed its back account details and offering a “new” account for you to pay your next bill. These fraudulent activities can spring up anywhere at any time and there is little we can do ourselves other than being extra vigilant, checking sources carefully and reporting it to the relevant people and police.

If you think there is anything suspicious about an email or letter from Warners notify your Key Account Manager by phone immediately. We have only moved banks once in 90 years so please always double check any changes of payment instructions especially if they have been sent by a letter. If you would like to know more follow this link to find out more about E-mail fraud: