Important mailing changes

Important mailing changes

Warners Data ProtectionWith the GDPR looming ever closer all of our existing customers will need to be aware of upcoming changes to our mailing service. As of 30/03/18 we will no longer accept submissions of mailing data via email. From this date we will only accept submissions in the following ways:

  • Use of one’s own approved FTP site
  • Use of Warners free to use FTP site
  • Direct USB stick transfer
  • Existing arrangements via Insite

We will also not accept any file sent via drop box we transfer or alternative.

Our new FTP system is now ready to use free of charge. Please alert your Key Account Manager if you would like to have your account set up.

If you are unsure or would like to know more please do not hesitate to contact to contact our Helpdesk or your Key Account Manager.

For more information please see our new data page here: