Important Paper Update

It is highly likely that due to the current financial climate in the UK paper prices will rise in the future.

paperMuch of the paper that we use is sourced from Europe particularly Scandinavian countries such as Finland. This paper is from well managed and responsibly sourced forests. This ensures the sustainability of this important and highly recyclable resource.

Why is this important?

Paper as the main raw material of a printed product is understandably one of the most expensive components in the production cost for the job. Because of the variety of paper types and weights used by different customers it is impossible to say what the average cost is for paper in a job. The product type size and quantity also will affect the amount of paper used. It can range from roughly a third to over half of the value of the job.

If this price increase does occur then it is very likely to impact the price of print. Printers like Warners Midlands will be working hard on minimising the potential effects of price increases on their customers. Print will understandably not be the only industry that will be affected by changes in price.

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