Industrial Action!

Industrial Action!

We have been notified that there are planned strikes at a number of Finnish paper mills. This will be affecting the supplies of paper for certain brands used by printers across the country. There will likely be increased lead times and delays on some paper makes and types. Please contact your Key Account Manager if you're worried that your paper may be affected.

On a more positive note

This week has seen the blankets go on to the new press as we inch closer to putting ink on paper in February. Blankets are crucial to our printing process and this represents a major step in getting our press ready for print. Blankets are rubber covers that are wrapped around a cylinder to transfer ink off the printing plates and on to the paper in a litho press.

This short but very useful video will help to explain the process quickly and easily.



Before we forget!

This week will also see a celebration hosted at our plant in Bourne Lincolnshire. Not only are we hosting the formal opening of our new factory on Friday we will also be presenting a cheque to our charity of the year, the Don’t Lose Hope Café. The total raised by our sports an social committee will be revealed on the day so keep your eyes peeled!

We are incredibly excited about the next few weeks and will have lots to share with you!