Is Packaging wasteful?

Is Packaging wastefulThere is often a lot of negativity surrounding packaging with many people believing it to be wasteful or just an unnecessary marketing ploy. Once again this is not always the case. Paper based packaging protects goods, reduces waste and is recyclable. Packaging is primarily designed to protect whatever it is used for with the intention of minimising waste through spoilage, breakage and contamination. It is true that it is used extensively to build brand awareness and many of us will associate a particular product with the package that it comes in. The two main categories that paper based packaging comes in are cartons and corrugated. Corrugated accounts for nearly 30% of all packaging and protects roughly 75% of the UK’s packaged goods in transit. Cartons tend to carry vital consumer interaction and allow high quality imagery to be printed on it for brands to differentiate their product.

Here are some of the benefits of using paper packaging:
·         It protects goods whilst in transit, storage and distribution.
·         Efficient packaging reduces damage in transit to below 5%
·         It prevents waste through breakage, spoilage and contamination, and extends shelf               life.
·         It provides consumer information about the product and acts as a means of brand                differentiation
·         It is very easy to recycle

We would like to thank Two Sides and Green Print for their wealth of information on this topic