Is Print Dead?

Are we sure that Print is dead?

is print deadThe place of print in a world that is becoming more and more digital is a hot button topic with many believing that “Print is dead”. This is not the first time that the bell has tolled for print. Similar sentiment was expressed with the invention of radio and then television. The reason for the survival of print is its ability to evolve and adapt.

Print will never be the force it was in the 80’s where glossy magazines ruled supreme. Is print dead or does it still have a very important role to fill? It is rapidly becoming apparent that it is the cross media campaigns that are more successful than single channel campaigns. Not all companies will find print an integral or even necessary part of their marketing mix but it is a brave marketer who does not consider it. Print and digital when used in tandem can achieve excellent results. However it is very important to realise the limitations of each channel. For example print cannot truly compete with email for its cost effectiveness and ease of monitoring for generic messages. On the other hand print can be an excellent stimulus to drive potential customers to your website or app when targeted correctly. Where some companies such as TUI are abandoning print to focus purely on being a digital company others haven’t.

Print and digital when used in tandem can achieve excellent results.

A recent campaign by Flight Centre released a catalogue to huge success. Flight centre managed to track that:

“One in four customers booking a flight through Flight Centre
40% visiting their website (
18.5% calling flight centre and 18.7% visiting a store.

This was due to publishing the catalogues”

See the article here.

Even in the world of books print is experiencing something of a renaissance. According to a recent report by Sky “Physical book sales have rocketed by four million this year” and “Last year saw the first rise in sales since 2007, while digital book sales dropped for the first time since 2011.” (read more here)

So, is print dead?

These factors don’t seem to point to an industry facing oblivion. In fact it would indicate the first signs of a rejuvenated industry that is gearing itself to show its worth in a digital world. Perhaps it is too early to assume print is dead?




In future blogs we are going to have a closer look at how print can find its place in a changing marketplace. We hope to showcase the compatibility and benefits it can add to a digital campaign as a supporting player.