Its Alive!

Its Alive!

It is time for our first proper new press update of 2020 and we are in a very exciting position after what happened last week! Our new Lithoman has had the electricity switched on and has entered one of the final stages of the installation. All the components are in place and it is very much about sorting out finishing touches before we can test the press out properly. It will be very exciting to see exactly what this brilliant bit of kit can do for us and our customers!

Lithoman 3, its official name, certainly is far bigger than any of the other machines we have installed in the past and it has taken up all the space that just a few short months ago was empty! We are currently in the process of sorting out our colour console desks including the touch screens and will be looking to put paper through over the coming weeks. It really is amazing to see the lights on and for us to inch closer to putting ink on paper for the first time!

In other news our plant is in full swing and we have really "kickstarted" 2020. We are increasing our capacity in the factory and are able to take on more exciting projects from our customers. We are always delighted to help with any print requirements and are taking on orders for January and February. If you would like to talk to us please visit or Contact Us page or email with your specifications.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled!

Over the coming weeks we will be adding help pages to our website to better assist our customers and visitors with common concerns about the process. If there is anything that you would like us to cover please let us know via our helpdesk at .