Why We Love Print Part 2: Tangibility

Part 2 of our new series. Today we look at the wonderful tangible qualities of print in a digital world.Print is tangible

Print is Tangible

One of the wonderful qualities of print is its physical presence. This physicality gives rise to many selling points.

Firstly it is an excellent way to engage other senses than just visual. By considering paper choices you can bring a unique feel to your print before special finishes are considered. Should a special finish be desired there is a huge range to choose from including laminates, UV coatings,scoring, foiling and die cutting. Smell is unique to physical mediums and it is possible to add scents to your print to add that wow factor and engage with your audience on another level.

Secondly prints physicality is a good way to make a statement. If you have committed time and resources into producing something then it is clearly worth saying. A physical catalogue is harder to ignore than an email especially as your audience will have to pick it up to move it or share it.

If you would like to see and experience some special finishes for yourself simply request a free copy of our company brochure. Or if you would like to know more please do not hesitate to contact us via our helpdesk