Why we Love Print Part 4: Print is Bespoke

A printed product is Bespoke

Every printed product is different and has a huge amount of creative potential. A designer can decide exactly how their product will look, feel and even smell. This allows customers to make a truly unique statement for their product or brand. Printed products can also be personalised for individuals making them unique. As long as it meets printing press specifications a customer can decide exactly how they want their product to be.

Here are some of the choices a customer has available to make their product unique:

  • How many pages it will have
  • Physical dimension – Will it be A4 or different?
  • Paper choice – Impacts the texture, finish and colour
  • How it is printed – Will it be web, sheetfed or digital?
  • Binding
  • Design – The content is unique to the designers
  • Layout
  • Special effects – Smells, special colours, textures and more

These choices really allow a printed product to differentiate itself from its competitors.

If you would like to know more about how print is bespoke find another article here.

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