How to make the most of your Front Cover

Front CoverFront Covers

It goes without saying that the front cover design of any printed piece, be it a magazine, catalogue or brochure is hugely important.

Seeing so many different covers pass through our presses, we thought a few pointers to consider which may make the most of your cover might be helpful.

Front Cover Tips
  • Putting a bestselling product on the front page with pointer to find it within the publication may increase sales. Just a quick glance at the cover can get instant involvement.
  • Text you have on the cover should be easy to digest and easily understood at a glance. As many customers are bombarded with information their attention span tends to be much shorter so it is so important that their attention is “grabbed early. “
  • Sometimes less can be more. By concentrating on one major theme the intrigue for the reader may make them more likely to open the piece.
  • Be innovative, there are lots of ways in print to make you stand out from the opposition.
  • Leave the customer or reader in no doubt as to your brand on the front page.
  • If it suits your product, it is well researched and proven that a human face naturally draws attention. This also creates more of a human touch and can help to build an emotional connection between the product and its reader.
  • For many people the last thing they see on a page before they leave, is the bottom right hand corner. It may be worth considering using that space to your advantage.
  • Why not try using a special finish such as a Foil blocking, spot colour, scent or hologram to add that little extra wow factor.

These are just a few suggestions that you could keep in mind when designing your front page.

Over the next few weeks we will be posting a few more articles on how you can maximise the readers experience with your printed product. If you have any questions or would like to have a copy of our brochure please email our helpdesk.