What is a Micro Catalogue?

micro catalogueA micro catalogue is a small A4/A5 printed product well suited for mass mailings and marketing campaigns.

Our definition of a micro catalogue is 16 pages on a light stock, printed on a web  press and saddle stitched. It is a very cost effective production method resulting in low unit costs that decrease as the quantity produced increases. In a quote produced recently, for example, the cost per unit started at 7p in a print run of 10000 copies and dropped to 6p per unit by 20000 copies.

A micro catalogue is usually printed on a lighter stock probably no heavier than 80gsm gloss. This allows the product to be light and cost effective for mailing whilst retaining a bright and attractive appearance.

How can a micro catalogue be used?

The content is entirely up to the end user. It doesn’t even have to be a catalogue; it could be booklet to raise awareness for services or causes, event guides, large quantity news letters or promotional mailers. Whatever the use, the content is entirely up to you.

You can then choose the option to mail them directly to the addresses in your data base. A mailing campaign will in all likeliness be the most expensive part of this campaign.

However there are other ways to distribute the products than by simply mailing them. Depending on budget or purpose the product can be handed out, delivered by staff on rounds, door drops and collected from stores to name but a few.

  • The micro catalogue is fully recyclable
  • Cost effective to produce
  • Unit cost decreases as quantity increases
  • Many distribution channels and options
  • Very well suited for generating awareness of products, deals or services.

However a micro catalogue is designed, distributed and evaluated, here at Warners Midlands we are happy to help with any queries and provide free impartial advice via phone call or our Helpdesk email.