My guide to work experience at Warners

work experienceMy name is Mollie Fowler, I’m 14 years old and I am a student in year 10 at Bourne Academy. As part of our education programme, every student in my year is required to do work experience.

Although I don’t anticipate that the print industry will be my chosen career, my father Danny works at Warner’s in sales so it seemed an obvious choice to see what goes on in the factory, and also to see if he actually does any work!

As expected, I was nervous at the thought of coming into a strange environment, and the thought of doing things that I’ve never done before. Would I be able to do the things asked of me?

So far in the first week I’ve seen all aspects of the factory, I’ve learnt how the machines work, and how the company handles all types of different magazines and brochures.

It’s been fascinating so far and I never envisaged that so much went into producing magazines and brochures. I’ve also been given the task of reviewing some local restaurants to write reports for the staff newspaper, I have researched events in London for a forthcoming sports and social event and I have collated an idiots guide to social media for the company.
In addition, I have been tasked with finding some new companies that are prospective clients for Warner’s, and look forward to hopefully hearing that my initial work will result in a new customer at some point in the future (and a nice bonus for my dad!)

In the last week whilst doing my work experience I have learnt new skills and look forward to learning many more in the future.