Why its never too early to plan ahead for your printed project.

With the British summer well and truly under way it’s a perfect time to think about print. In this industry capacity starts to become scarce, and a printed product can represent a significant investment.

Consultant presentation about project management, planning, time, scope and risks

Planning ahead and booking your job in early can allow you to get the best possible price for your printed project. The cost of raw materials such as paper are likely to increase, possibly sooner rather than later,  so booking a job in early can save you money even if it is printed a few months later.

With this extra time you can reap many potential advantages, which may increase success of the final project.

The practical considerations of thinking ahead bring many benefits. Some specialist papers require up to 6 weeks for delivery which will need to be built in to the job schedule, as would a particularly large printed project to ensure that you are ensuring the best schedule and meeting your chosen delivery date, you are far less likely to have to potentially pay overtime rates when capacity in normal hours has been booked. Effectively it can be first come first served.

With this extra time you can reap many potential advantages, which may increase success of the final project.

Firstly, it allows your designers to create a product with plenty of time to ensure it is of the highest quality with time built in to eradicate mistakes. Secondly, it allows marketers to plan how the product is best rolled out to reach their audience and will allow them to create in depth databases of recipients as well as choosing other distribution channels to get the best ROI. Thirdly allowing time for unforeseen complications can provide a welcome safety net..


So in summary, why it is never too early to think ahead.

  • Best possible price
  • A guarantee that you will be able to book your project in.
  • Ensures raw materials are ready for when they are needed.
  • Gives extra time to have the product looking exactly as intended
  • Avoids unforeseen complications
  • Allows plenty of time to prepare databases and mailing channels to ensure the product gets to its intended audience when scheduled.


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