New wash system installed

New wash system up and running at Warners Midlands PLC.

We are happy to announce that the installation of our new Elettra fast wash and combi wash system has been completed. The new system has been added to our original Lithoman 32 page press as part of an upgrading project. This is the latest in a continuing campaign of reinvestment into the business to ensure efficiency, competitiveness and the minimising of waste.Wash system

What is it and how is it of benefit?


On printing presses to stop the build up of ink during a long print run or to clear away excess ink at the end of one we need to wash the blankets (What are these?). With our old wash system the cleaning of the blankets would begin with the wash cycle and then slow the press down to a stop once this cycle was completed. The new system is significantly faster and washes the blankets simultaneously as the press slows down. Additional benefits include a much reduced amount of wash cloth used for this process and it also lessens the chances of web breaks (which is when the ribbon of paper snaps going through the press).

In summary it means that less paper will be wasted during the print run and it prevents the loss of time and resources that a web break can often cause. Simply put the upgrade is a far more automated system that will require far less maintenance and upkeep than our previous system.

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