One way to immediately reduce your mailing fulfilment costs

letterboxIf your magazine, brochure or catalogue is mailed out to subscribers or to your existing customers and prospects, you will be all too aware of the cost of preparing the items for postage, and of course the rising costs of postage itself.

Many people have changed from envelopes to plastic bags to reduce costs, and some have even gone to the extent of mailing out without any packaging.

If you use a carrier sheet to mail out your magazine or brochure, and this isn’t used for any other purpose than carrying the address etc. it might be worth considering using Bitjet or something similar to negate the need for a carrier.

At Warner’s we use Bitjet technology on our mailing lines, which enables us to inkjet the logo, return address and PPI details onto the polythene bag at the same time as we inkjet the address on.

This speeds up the system as well as saves the cost of having the carrier printed.

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