Our First Arrival and Our Charity Winner Revealed!

November is off with a bang!

Its an incredibly exciting time for us here at Warners Midlands! Unless you've been living in a media blackout you will know about the new factory and press that we might have mentioned a few times! 

The main body of the press will start arriving next week followed by lots of ancillary equipment such as our plate maker and stackers. This press is an incredible investment for us and we could not be more excited about it. As a family run company we are always investing in the future and looking for the equipment that will benefit our customers, reduce our impact on the environment and improve our already superb quality, service and product offering. We know that in our sector in the industry there is no other company quite like us!

Today we wanted to share the first picture of our reel stand which will hold up to two paper reels at any one time. The paper reels we use are usually between 1200kg and 1600kg each with several kilometers of responsibly and sustainably sourced European Paper. (To find out more about our paper click here.) 


If you would like to see our most recent video about the new factory and press the article can be found on our website here:

Did you Know?

You can also follow the action by following our Instagram page search for Warners Printers and look for our logo!

The Charity Draw Winner!

We recently completed our customer survey and have come away with a huge amount of information and positive news. We will be sharing some interesting insights and answering some of the questions raised by the respondents over the next few weeks but we have an important announcement to make today.

For every completed survey we asked the respondent to mention a charitable cause that would then be entered in to a prize draw to win £100 for the charity donated by us. The draw was done by our Managing Director Philip Warner late last week.

The winning charity was.......... Great Ormond Street Hospital!

The £100 donated could cover the costs of one of their play team for a whole day! if you would like to know more about Great Ormond Street Hospital and how to support them you can follow this link here: