Our Printing Press Hall Is Taking Shape

Our Printing Press Hall Is Taking Shape!


January 2019

March 2019


Earlier this month we had our first installation in the form of our Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser or RTO. We had many guesses and a fair few of our readers guessed what it was. As it is a rather niche piece of knowledge we have a provided a little description of what it is and what it does.

The RTO is put in place to act like a catalytic converter for our presses. Any VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) caused by the running of our presses are extracted and run through chambers of super heated (over 800 degrees Celsius!) ceramic tiles that breaks them down. It will then use the calorific value of the emissions to sustain its temperature. This is something we take very seriously as part of our environmental commitments as a company.



This is the third RTO we now have on site! 

To find out more about our environmental activities feel free to view our Environmental Page

We are very excited to see the factory coming together very quickly! The steel work is already half way to completion and the building is certainly starting to take shape.  Will keep you updated on our exciting progress over the course of the year! What been tracking the building so far with the help of a drone and we have been very pleased with the pictures. Keep your eyes peeled for more news, pictures and maybe even a video or two....