Paper and Storage Update 2019

Paper and Storage Update 2019

Last week we announced that building work was starting on our new factory (see article here

Although this is a very exciting time for us as a company, there are many challenges that the construction will bring.

Storage for paper will be at a premium for the next 8 months, and we apologise in advance that we will not be able to store large amounts of customer supplied paper stock onsite.

We will be making the best use of the space we have available whilst the work continues, and we will be reducing the amount of house stocks held onsite in order to fit in as much customer supplied paper as possible. We do fully appreciate that this may cause some disruption to your existing plans regarding paper, and we will do our best to help.

We are working closely with our own suppliers to ensure that we manage our own stocks in accordance with demand, and don’t foresee any supply issues with any paper stocks purchased through ourselves.

If you are worried or have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact your Key Account Manager or our helpdesk here Emailhelpdesk