Power of Print Day

Yesterday two representatives from Warners attended the Power of Print day in London at Stationers Hall. The day provided a huge amount of information not only regarding print as a medium or the challenges of an uncertain world but also about the environment as a whole.

What was truly remarkable was the depth of new data illustrating that the story of print is not over and is in fact reinventing itself to capitalise on its overlooked strengths in a digital world. It was abundantly clear that though prints traditional role within marketing and advertising has diminished with the rise of digital the medium itself is evolving and offering real value and profit to those who use it properly.

A large portion of the day explored the challenges facing not only the print industry but all industries across the globe in regards to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. Thankfully as an industry where the raw material is by its very nature sustainable we are in a far better position than most.

Rather than briefly highlight a few points now we will be devoting entire posts to the reams of information that is beneficial not just to printers like ourselves. In fact the very nature of most of the day was rather outward facing than industry specific and the benefits to our readers and their customers will be illustrated over the coming months and perhaps in a few videos and secret projects. Stay tuned.