Print as a bespoke product

Printed products are fundamentally bespoke

Bespoke product

One of the most wonderful attributes of print is its potential for uniqueness. Each printed project has the chance to be different. To a designer one of the best ways to describe print is a blank canvas. It is entirely up to the designer how the product looks.  When it comes to designing a printed product there are many ways to customise the publication. Paper type, size, number of pages, special finishes, colours used, quantity and binding method are just some of the many factors to consider.This clearly proves that print is a bespoke product. Simply put, it is your printed product. If one printer cannot (or will not) do it, find another that will.

Print is a blank canvas

As the customer you can build the publication to be exactly as you want. There are some printers who create pre-set “deals” where you can only select the quantity printed as the number of pages and paper types have been decided for you. We do not believe this is the right way. As a truly bespoke product it should be how the customer wants it. This is not to say that everything is possible. There are a few limitations on what one can actually achieve and these are usually due to production reasons. Printed publications, excluding posters and leaflets, generally work in page multiples of 4. This is somewhat set in stone. However it is the customer who should determine the specification of their product, why should the product selection be different to any other industry? That said never be afraid to ask any printers for technical advice if you are unsure. Warners Midlands are more than happy to give free and impartial advice on their Helpdesk email.