Print is What You Make of it

Print is What You Make of it

Print is what you make of itPerhaps the greatest strength of print is that it is completely open to creativity. Paper is a blank canvas and has the potential to be wholly unique. As a designer you have the choice to create your own bespoke product to suit your brand or project. Whether it is the size, the shape, the texture or even the smell there is a huge range of options you can try out. There are so many tools and techniques that print can offer you to help reach your audience and maximise your response.

We have provided a list of some of the ways you can personalise your printed product:

  • Add fragrances
  • Special finishes
    • Can add texture
    • Visual effects
  • Different substrates (Papers)
  • The size
    • A3
    • A4
    • A5
    • Custom
  • Number of pages
  • The shape
  • Add augmented reality
  • Interactive elements

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A few print videos that we thought might interest you: