Are you ready for the busy season?

Once again the print industry is well into the busy season.

Certainly here at Warners we have noticed the decline of available capacity in the UK Print Industry. The closure of Polestar earlier this year has amplified this.

This makes it very important to book press space for your products as far in advance as possible avoid disappointment or even price increases.

This is the print industry’s busiest time of the year. From now and up until Christmas additional work comes in the form of Christmas catalogues, winter brochures and many other seasonal products. Without doubt, print companies are only going to get busier from this point onwards. It now becomes crucial that prearranged schedules and deadlines are met.

As a company we believe flexibility is one of greatest strengths. Our flexibility, however, will be affected as our available capacity reduces. This includes any alterations or re-submissions of jobs as time is the most valuable commodity.

Our professional recommendations:
  • Book well in advance.
  • Use our pre-submission checklist which can be seen in the video below.
  • Meet deadlines for file submission.
  • If the deadline can’t be met give as much notice as possible.
  • Keep in close contact for updates.

This short video may offer some helpful advice on the subject.

Here at Warners we have an excellent reputation for producing high quality work with a great deal of flexibility. This flexibility relies on our ability to schedule effectively, and the best results usually come from working in close partnership with our valued customers.

We look forward to a very productive and successful busy period working with you.


If we can help in any way or if you are unsure please do not hesitate to contact your key account manager or our help desk.